About me

Hi Dolls,

My name is Kim, but I prefer you calling me Kimi.
I’m a 21yo girl from little but pretty Belgium.

I enjoy travelling and I’m extremely interested in fashion. So you’ll mainly find fashion related blogs and travels on here.

I am passionated with music and simply can’t live without it.

Because of that, you’ll also get to see blogposts about my  favorite artist Eric Saade.

I’ve gotto warn you.

I’m not just a random normal girl, I love laughing, act crazy and love being different.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog!

Lots of Love,
Kimi xo


12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey, leuk om nog eens imeands blog te ontdekken die ik ken van ziens 🙂 Je hebt echt een leuke en mooie blog and I LOVE THE OUTFITS! Trek u echt niks aan van al die comments hier boven want ik zou het heel jammer vinden om hier geen artikels meer te zien, net nu ik je blog heb ontdekt!

  2. Hey Kimi, I like your blog, you say here always take the things and really take no outspoken. Stay as you are, to your friends like you just the same. ^ ^
    You are a crazy person and I mean that positively, I am curious what you get everything to read from you;)

    Greetings Deni

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