Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI & Drag Racing Miami

Hi Dolls,

If you’re on Twitter, I’m pretty sure you have been reading about the drama on Justin Bieber that’s been going on right now.


Justin Bieber and his friend Khalil got originally pulled over for drag racing in the streets of Miami. Justin’s crew was holding up traffic in their black SUV’s so the two could race.

Justin got arrested for driving under influence, resisting arrest ‘without violence’ and having an expired license. He admitted to have drank a beer, smoke weed all day and being on anti depressiva.

In no way, I’m I ever gonna justify what Justin did. There is simply no excuse for driving under influence. Not did he only put his life in danger but also others.

But what I don’t understand is why this has to be blown up like it is. Daily 1000s of people get arrested for DUI’s all over the world but because it is Justin Bieber it is okay for the media to betray him like some kind of monster? To have a damn livestream following the entire arrest?

What is wrong with this world? It is YOU who brought Justin Bieber to be inthe state he is at this point. Yes, it was HIS mistake. But can’t you see that him admitting smoking the weed & being on anti depressive is a cry for help?


Can’t you see the pain in his eyes?

How is it in any way okay for grown ass men to have the mission like destroying a 19yo his life? Which is slowly happening.

I have always & will always support Justin. He has 48 million people behind him who look up at him. 48 million who see the real Justin Bieber. And we all know that he isn’t the kid the media is portraying him to be.

I wish for once, that the media would show all the good things he does. The amount of money he raises for charities. How he visits sick kids. How he went to the damn Philippines to give back. But nobody gave a shit about that.

All the media wants is destroy the kid. And I really hope with all my heart that he will be strong enough to not fall.

And if the drugs & anti depressiva are that bad, I really pray that he dares to admit his problems. That he will solve his problems and come out a better person.

Allthought I feel really bad for Justin, I do hope he has learned from this mistake. That he will find the real him again.

Just try and think how it must be to be him. A teenager having cameras on his face 24/7. Media judging every little step he makes.

He’s a 19yo kid and he will make more mistakes. We make mistakes to learn from them and we can be happy that this ended in an arrest and not an accident.

Justin announced he was going on a break this year but the year has only started and he has been more in the media than ever before. I really hope that after this he can go take a break somewhere and people will leave him alone so he can find himself back again.

There might be a lot of haters but Justin Bieber can never forget that he has 48 million people having his back. And we refuse to let him fall.

Lots of love,

Kimi xo


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