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Hi Dolls,

This week my order from Forever21 arrived but sadly enough the sweaters were too big. No problem though, my mom loved them and she’s rocking them now 😉

Unfortanetly my order from Boohoo hasn’t arrived yet which highly annoys me because I basically have zero patience, haha.

Anyways, I ordered some new trousers and other stuff from F21 and Missguided.


La Vie Bohemian Poncho Sweater (€23,75) Forever21 // Filemona Awkward Beanie Hat(€9,51) Missguided // Studded Shoulder Sweater (€26,75) Forever21 // Linzy Leather Sleeve Trench Coat In Beige (€73,42 €44,04 €36,23) Missguided // Cool Shredder Cross Denim Jacket (€26,90) Forever21

Lots of love,

Kimi xo


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